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When considering which flooring materials will perform the best for your home, most do not offer a unique appearance. Metallic epoxy floors, on the other hand, are unlike any other floor system you could find for lasting and impressive results.

Most traditional flooring materials, such as wood, tile, and carpet, don’t offer enough uniqueness to reflect your personality and style. With metallic epoxy, however, you can enjoy floors that appear different from anything your friends or neighbors have.

And when more St. Paul, MN homeowners find themselves searching for metallic epoxy floors, they choose St. Paul Epoxy Flooring. They know that we always provide them with more installation choices, affordable pricing, and new flooring systems that last a long time.

Even standard resin surfaces could improve their appearance with our metallic flakes and advanced flooring products for your upgrade needs. See the difference our experienced installation team can make for your home and enjoy durable floors that look great today.

Best Metallic Epoxy Floors

Although epoxy flooring, in general, has continued to prove popular among more area residents, metallic systems stay in high demand. Even when compared to other epoxy products and resins, metallic surfaces will always turn heads due to more color installation options.

These floors create a dazzling marble-like appearance with a variety of different shades, patterns, textures, and other unique and customizable choices. Whether you prefer a dark and mysterious cosmic look or want to mimic other flooring materials, we can help you.

The installation process isn’t much different than the one used for standard epoxy surfaces, but we also use primer and base coats. This allows us to achieve much deeper coloration and more uniform, even floors that will last you many useable years.
Best of all, metallic epoxy floors stay simple to clean and maintain, making them a practical home improvement project choice. See how we make the most out of your unique flooring installation. Hire our contractors for your best results.

Where to Install Metal Epoxy Flooring?

These unique floors offer a broad variety of different design choices, and many homeowners soon feel overwhelmed. Where should you install your new floors, and how will they perform through daily use and heavy foot traffic?

When installed in your garage, metal epoxy flooring transforms your boring workspace into a professional auto shop or car showroom that sparkles. In your kitchen areas, you can cook with confidence knowing your floors won’t stain, take on damage, or discolor when you are preparing meals.

You can even have your entire home completed with these systems, creating your most durable floors possible. And their slip-resistant nature makes them the ideal solution for bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility areas, and more living spaces.

Wherever you need to see new floors, our installation team can provide you with the best results. Contact us to see the difference we make on every project.

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