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One of the more challenging parts about choosing your next home improvement project is knowing whether it’s a wise investment. Because of its durability and low maintenance costs, many St. Paul, MN, residents choose garage floor epoxy as their next project.

Not only will an epoxy garage floor perform better year after year, but it adds tons of value to your home. The finished results are durable, stain-resistant, and brighten the room. You will love your new showroom-quality floors.

Best Garage Floor Coating

St. Paul Epoxy Flooring continues to provide the best in epoxy contractor services that you can depend on for expert-quality results. Whether you like to spend your weekends tinkering or your car leaves behind oil and fluid, we always have the perfect solution.

We can customize your project with a variety of options to make your space feel unique while keeping costs low. See why more homeowners consider us the best choice for their garages and check out the lasting quality of epoxy flooring.

Best Garage Floor Coating

What is Garage Epoxy Floor?

Garage epoxy floor products rely on a particular resin that pours out smooth and hardens into a durable protective shell. Once completely cured, it will remain tough enough to park your car there, complete hobbies, store belongings, and more. It will last for years to come.

If you’ve ever wondered how your local car dealership’s showroom maintains such spectacular floors, it’s the beauty of an epoxy installation. We can make your garage shine like new today thanks to our experienced epoxy service contractors.

Concrete Epoxy

While you can find paints and latex-based floor coatings, they don’t offer the same durability as concrete epoxy. As a result, many homeowners who go for the cheaper Do-It-Yourself methods only feel disappointed by how they turn out.

Your better epoxy floor coating uses a two-part resin that offers superior durability compared to most other garage products. You will find your surfaces remain resistant to heat, chemicals, acids, and automotive fluids, as well as heavy daily traffic.

best epoxy flooring

Best Epoxy Flooring

Whether it’s inexperience or impatience, many people try to rush the process, ruining their brand new garage floors. As your best epoxy flooring contractors, we guarantee better results for less for any project you have.

We can take your job a step further with different ways to set you apart from your friends and neighbors. Customize your new floor with additives that can change its color, texture, patterns, and more without spending a fortune.

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Why Epoxy Floors?

Although your garage has a basic room shape, it also proves to be one of the most difficult to improve. There aren’t that many options for a space that is pretty much a cement block with shelves.

Epoxy floors protect the concrete slab underneath, preventing more cracks, crumbling edges, and frustrating surface stains caused by machine oils. And epoxy is among the most affordable projects you could complete. Its service life lasts a long time and requires minimal care.

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