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Some homeowners living in the greater St. Paul, MN area want a new flooring system, but they want a natural appearance. And while most contractors limit your choices to wood systems, stained concrete continues gaining popularity with more residents each day.

Similar to polished concrete, your stained cement surfaces take the process a step further with acid-etched coloration and designs. The finished product appears nearly indistinguishable from other materials, such as tiles, wood floors, and even some carpet surfaces.

When you hire St. Paul Epoxy Flooring for your new project, it means saving more on quality flooring solutions. No matter the look you want, we can create it for you at an affordable price.

Our experienced contractors know how to get the most out of your preferred materials, dyes, and other personalized design choices. Whatever you hope to see from your upgraded flooring systems, we guarantee the best results possible at lower costs daily.

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While polished floors achieve impressive visual results, not all homeowners like their unique patterns, textures, and coloring options at home. They may think it’s too industrial or looks out of place when compared to other d’cor items that they have.

Stained concrete floors, on the other hand, produce a far deeper, richer coloration from specialized acid etching products and techniques. Once completed, these systems look and perform much like other floors, but with the lasting durability and beauty of concrete.

Another reason why stained cement proves the superior choice for building materials is that it performs inside and also outdoors. That means that we can use the same installation process to create a unique backyard patio or entertaining space quickly.

No matter what materials you want to mimic with your floors or which design choices you prefer, call us today. We guarantee better durability, lasting beauty, and enhanced daily performance, no matter where you have us complete your flooring job.

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Hiring our staff for your house means you receive advanced flooring solutions at lower costs than anyone else in the community can offer. From epoxy systems and coatings to unique concrete floors, and more, we remain your trusted name in reliable home upgrades.

Whether you need to create a relaxing backyard oasis for the summer, or floors that won’t wear away, call us. We always achieve the perfect results on every project, giving you the confidence you need for property improvements.

Polished cement and concrete acid staining remain services that not all area companies can offer. The limited availability is why our team of experienced contractors continues to help more area residents than anyone else.

When traditional flooring materials don’t meet your daily needs, see the difference we can make for your home. Contact us now and experience the best in total concrete flooring options.

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