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One of the best-kept secrets in industrial building maintenance is the use of polished concrete flooring systems for better daily performance. These unique floors offer some of the highest durability compared to other materials. And you can customize them with many options. Not only does their beauty last a long time, but they require little to no maintenance from you for results.

When you see yourself in the market for a new flooring system, you can count on St. Paul Epoxy Flooring. In addition to offering you the best options for local epoxy flooring systems, we polish your concrete surfaces as well.

Our team remains your best choice in floor contractors, and we always achieve better results no matter what the surface materials are. Give your home the lasting appearance and durability your property deserves and enjoy your unique surfaces for longer with us.

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What makes polished concrete a welcome addition to any building is its superior durability and custom colorization options. You can have our installation team mimic other materials, like tile floors or wood, or go for something else entirely.

In addition to their amazing daily performance and lasting durability, polished concrete surfaces have longer lives than other materials. When you compare these enhanced cement surfaces to traditional poured concrete, they outperform any dull gray areas by a mile.

Another factor that makes them so appealing to more homeowners is how affordable they can be in homes now. When you choose our experienced contractor team, we guarantee the best results possible for less anywhere you need new floors.

And because we begin with your house’s bare concrete slab, most homes already qualify for us to start polishing them. For your best choice in local polished cement experts, you won’t find a better group of contractors than our group.

How Do Contractors Install Polished Concrete?

The installation process for your polished concrete surfaces is quick, convenient, and often easier than for other material options. Once we determine that a cement surface is in the proper condition for installation, we begin smoothing out your existing concrete.

By using a diamond-tipped surface buffing machine, we wear away the top-most layer of cement, leaving it nice and even. From there, it’s a matter of deciding how much sheen you want to see, which determines how much grinding we must do.

At that time, we can also include dyes for coloration, as well as design templates like grid lines and more. Once completed, your new surfaces will appear exactly as you hoped, and they will last for a long time.

It’s no wonder why more homeowners choose the lasting uniqueness and durability of polished concrete. Call us today to see your best new floors installed for less by our experienced contractors.

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