St. Paul Epoxy Floor Coating

Although epoxy flooring systems continue to grow in popularity, they aren’t always a viable option for some homeowners to install. Instead, people may prefer to select an epoxy floor coating that offers much of the same protective properties as flooring.

Floor coating is an ideal and straightforward approach to preserving your garage surface or providing a simple upgrade. The product installs quickly and provides long-lasting defense for any areas where you use it, including your home’s interior rooms.

And when more St. Paul, MN homeowners need assistance upgrading their floors, they choose St. Paul Epoxy Flooring contractors. They know we have the level of skill they can trust to provide perfect results for all surfaces every time.

If you need a flooring update but aren’t sure you want a permanent installation, call us. We can provide you with a durable epoxy floor coating that continues performing well for years to come.

Epoxy Floor Coating St. Paul

One of the primary differences between a complete epoxy flooring system and a coating is the thickness and service life. Although an epoxy floor coating will not remain as thick or last as long, it is a cost-effective home improvement project.

The product is versatile enough to be used in virtually any room, from the garage to the kitchen, bathrooms, and more. Your new surfaces remain stain resistant and are tough enough to handle direct impacts, heat, mechanical fluids, and other daily hazards.

Many homeowners prefer these systems despite the fact they have fewer layers of protective resin when compared to standard epoxy flooring surfaces. However, because they need fewer tools and materials, installers can finish the project quickly. The epoxy coatings also cure faster than conventional floor projects do.

Whether you find yourself on a strict home improvement budget or don’t have a lot of time, floor coatings work well. Choose our contractors when you’re ready to offer your house the level of care it deserves for your living spaces.

What is the Difference?

Epoxy flooring systems require a two-part resin that blends together and solidifies, creating a near-impenetrable surface for any interior room. However, these products also need a great deal of care, preparation, and curing time, which makes their installation take longer.

Epoxy floor coatings, on the other hand, perform more like paint. You apply them directly to the area. When installed by a local expert contractor, this option may offer as much protection as full epoxy floors with much less effort.

Unfortunately, because it does require fewer products, it will wear away sooner than the thicker, more durable cured epoxy surfaces. You will still receive plenty of use out of your coatings, and you may discover it’s all you need.

Before you give up the use of particular rooms or areas for a few days, discuss your project needs with us. Choose our team for your best results for epoxy floor coatings.

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