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Many people in the broader St. Paul, MN community have not seen epoxy floors, so they don’t know how well they perform. Luckily for you, at St. Paul Epoxy Flooring, we have heard every question someone could have about their surfaces.Below you’ll find some common concerns and questions that make your purchasing decision easier than ever before. And once you’re ready to enjoy your new epoxy floors, we can be there when you need us for results.

What Are Epoxy Floors?2020-11-17T18:54:17+00:00

Simply put, your epoxy flooring system is a chemical that we pour onto the bare surface as a liquid, and then it solidifies. Unlike traditional flooring materials, it doesn’t rely on fabrics, fibers, tiles, or other materials, making for a cleaner installation process.

The flooring requires a two-part solution that we mix to create a chemical reaction bonding them tightly together. Once we have the liquified substance in place, it merely needs time to harden and cure.

What are the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring?2020-11-17T18:56:09+00:00

Epoxy flooring systems remain among the most exceptional options a homeowner could select for their home for its lasting, useful benefits. It’s no wonder why commercial businesses and industrial buildings had relied on them for decades before homeowners adopted the trend as well.

These materials remain resistant to a variety of different daily hazards, from heavy foot traffic to hot water, and more. The same risks that would most certainly put your carpet, tile, or hardwood floors out of commission are not an issue with epoxy flooring.

You will likely see more homeowners choosing these flooring systems in the future as they stay at their peak condition. Replacing your standard floor materials with a new epoxy surface could be among the best home improvement decisions to make. The benefits include:

  • Low Installation Costs
  • Stain Resistance
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistance
  • High Impact Rating
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Highly Customizable
  • Installs in Any Room
  • Gorgeous Glossy Finish
  • Long Service Life
  • And more great reasons
Is Concrete Polishing the Same as Epoxy?2019-06-23T01:40:35+00:00

It can be easy to get modern flooring options confused with each other. While concrete polishing is a similar construction process as epoxy floors, they are not the same thing.

We polish concrete through the use of specialized buffing and grinding tools that wear cement to a smooth, glossy finish. While your epoxy floors will also finish in a shiny topcoat, the way that they achieve their appearance is different.

Epoxy floors rely on resin-based chemicals that form a solid, durable candy-like shell rather than smoothed concrete surfaces. No matter which method seems like the right fit, you can rely on us for your best results.

What is Epoxy? And How is it Different than Resin?2020-11-17T18:57:20+00:00

Another misconception that homeowners have is the idea that epoxy and resin are two separate products. Instead, they act as two halves of the same building material, working together to create a lasting bond.

The epoxy blends with the resin component, which instantly starts the hardening process. Then we work quickly. Once it has time to settle, it will continue to give way to the chemical reaction and eventually it will fully cement.

Once the two-part process has completely hardened, it can’t change back or separate into the halves again. This creates an incredibly durable surface that you do not have to worry about protecting from harm.

Is Epoxy Flooring Expensive?2020-11-17T18:58:04+00:00

Another primary reason why so many people continue to adopt epoxy flooring for their home is its affordable installation costs. It is significantly more affordable than traditional flooring options such as wood or tile.

The broader the scope of your job, the more materials that we need to finish it, causing higher costs. And if your floors require a thicker layer of epoxy to level and smooth out the surface, costs will be a bit higher. However, a typical bedroom-sized space starts at a couple of hundred dollars and lasts for years.

There are cheap kits and products sold in stores that advertise lower costs than what we could offer. However, without the experience and know-how, you aren’t going to see the results that you had anticipated, and it will probably cost more in the long run.

Is Epoxy Dangerous?2019-06-23T01:42:05+00:00

You must handle epoxy with care. There are inherent risks in the fumes or if it touches bare skin. Our experienced contractors know how to use it safely. Choosing our expert team means you get a safer, more reliable installation that keeps you safe.

We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you and your loved ones have no ill effects. Once the materials begin curing, the odors start to dissipate, and it will be safe for use once it hardens completely.

As is the case with fresh coats of interior paint, you may discover that there is still a faint smell for the first few days of use. However, at that point, there is no risk in using the space. You can use it as safely and confidently as any other flooring materials you have inside your home now. We do not leave anything behind that could be a hazard.

How Long Will They Last?2019-06-23T01:48:31+00:00

Out of all the questions that we usually receive, this one can be the most difficult to answer because it depends on several different factors, including the amount of daily use, the regularity of cleaning, and the risk of impact damages.

In general, you can usually use your floors for many years before they start to show signs of aging. If you see any signs of wear over the years, we can simply refinish the floors to bring them right back to their beautiful state. With regular sweeping and washing, your epoxy floors could last for decades.

Eproxy How Long Will They Last

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