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Even though poured cement remains among the most durable building materials around, it still wears out eventually from regular use. And while you could tear it out and replace it, you can save more money with the right concrete resurfacing contractor.

When you park your cars on your driveway or in the garage, they will almost always leak fluids that stain. Around your exterior living areas, concrete pathways start to crack and crumble from uneven ground and repeated heavy foot traffic.

The process of resurfacing your poured cement areas requires experienced contractors to get it right, but not everyone knows how. Instead, you can receive the best results possible at lower costs with us at St. Paul Epoxy Flooring.

We remain the trusted name in local St. Paul, MN concrete resurfacing contractors. We make your floors like new again. Whether you have exterior cement wearing away or deteriorating indoor areas, we can resurface them all with professional service technicians.

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To resurface your cement spaces the correct way takes several different steps, especially with customized requests. However, homeowners agree that when you hire our service team, it saves you time, money, and frustration, and you get the result you want.

Completely tearing down, removing, and repouring a concrete driveway is an expensive endeavor, especially with inexperienced contractors. And when they don’t take the proper amount of time to cure the area, it creates structural concerns quickly.
Instead, we carefully remove only the portions of the cement that aren’t salvageable, before cleaning the remaining cement. Then we get busy filling in any cracks, gaps, and worn out areas with filler and adhesives for lasting repairs.

Next, the area gets a polymer concrete overlay that looks just like fresh cement. Finally, we texture this overlay to your satisfaction. Once we have completed your resurfacing job, you would never even know it wasn’t the original poured concrete.

Best Concrete Resurfacing Contractor

Concrete resurfacing services can do more than renew your driveway. They can also update indoor living spaces. Anywhere throughout your home where poured cement remains, we can likely restore it to its fullest potential again with ease.

You could spend a fortune paying to have someone eliminate your existing surfaces and pour a brand-new replacement. This process is expensive and time-consuming.

Instead, our staff will help you save time and money with professional resurfacing services that maintain better results without demolition work. No matter where you have far-reaching cracks, separating cement, or other structural concerns, we are the top choice for your:

  • Basement Floors
  • Garage Floors
  • Poured Driveway
  • Sidewalks & Walkways
  • Poured Patios
  • Outdoor Cooking Areas
  • Outdoor Cooking Areas
  • Colored/Painted Cement
  • Decorative Resurfacing Services
  • Indoor Floor Resurfacing
  • Exterior Concrete Resurfacing
  • And more concrete resurfacing contractor services.

See why so many area homeowners turn to us at St. Paul Epoxy Flooring for all their cement resurfacing needs.

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