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Rich history, outdoor recreational opportunities, and plenty of professional sports make Saint Paul, MN, the most livable city in America. However, there is more to living here than having exciting things to do, and most homeowners need affordable improvement options.

You could spend a fortune having an interior designer completely tear down your decor and replace it with something new. However, styles quickly fade, and you can’t count on new wall items to make your home more functional every day.

Instead, you need us at Saint Paul Epoxy Flooring to offer updated and exciting choices for your interior flooring systems. From creating a safer garage space to unique home floor materials, we provide services for concrete, epoxy, and other options.

When you need a local epoxy contractor you can trust, you won’t find a more reliable service team around. Call today for your best polished concrete contractor and epoxy installations for any interior living space and outdoor entertainment area.

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Whether you prefer epoxy, concrete, or other flooring systems, you can still rely on our contractors for your best results. As the local expert providers for your new floors, we guarantee the highest quality of care for any home surface.We assist homeowners just like you with upgrading their garages, living rooms, and even their outdoor patio spaces every day. Because we offer our best installation services throughout the Saint Paul community, you know we will be there for you.No matter where in the area that you and your family live, our staff will arrive fast with quality solutions. Contact us today and schedule your best contractors for advanced flooring systems throughout the broader community, including the following areas:

  • Highland Park
  • Dayton’s Bluff
  • Saint Anthony Park
  • West Seventh
  • Cathedral Hill
  • Energy Park
  • North of Maryland
  • Eastern Hazel Park
  • Battle Creek
  • Mount Airy
  • North End
  • Summit Hill
  • And more St. Paul neighborhoods.

When you need a team who stays at the ready for your call, you won’t find a more reliable company. Give your home the best in complete epoxy and concrete flooring solutions and save more on quality installation services today.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Most homeowners don’t discover how vulnerable their garage floor remains until they accidentally drop a solid metal tool or object. Once you find how quickly the surface can crack, crumble, and stain, it feels as if your garage won’t last.

We can offer superior protection and an updated appearance with installations for a new garage epoxy floor system that lasts. These built-up resin surfaces provide more impact, liquid, and fire resistance than any other product or flooring accessories in stores.

If you don’t seem ready for complete flooring replacements, we can still assist you best with a garage floor coating. Once we professionally clean your garage surface and ensure it stays free of debris, we can add a protective layer.

Your new installation will prevent more stains from forming, and you will notice fewer maintenance and care items to complete. Make your garage needs simple again by hiring us.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Saint Paul

Some homeowners find it challenging to learn the difference between epoxy floor coating and an entire new flooring system installation. Although both use similar products and techniques, the two create entirely different effects and benefits for your daily use requirements.

Unlike typical epoxy systems, your floor coating acts more like a painted-on seal than an entirely new flooring material type. After cleaning and preparing your floors, we then roll the layer on and allow it to cure for expert results.

Once it finishes drying in place, your floors will stay protected against impacts, spills, corrosion, and more daily homeowner concerns. Whether you have us fortify your garage floors or you have us coat a different room, we always get results.

When you need to protect your home’s surfaces, but you feel unsure of complete epoxy systems, floor coatings prove practical. See why more homeowners decide to have epoxy floor coatings.

St PAul Metallic Epoxy Floors

Have you ever entered a shop or luxury store and found yourself unable to pull your eyes away from their flooring materials? It’s because they have discovered that metallic epoxy systems provide lasting beauty and mesmerizing visual effects for your daily use.

Metallic epoxy flooring uses specialized flakes and dyes that blend within the resin for permanent quality and unique installation services. The metal shards look and perform like craft glitter, where it catches the light and makes dazzling appearances every day.

Carpet floors will only fade from their natural color, and tile and grout quickly grow boring before long. Even exotic hardwood floors start to lose their luster eventually, and most are expensive to repair back to full health.

Metallic epoxy floors never lose their charm, and their long-lasting, durable nature helps to prevent premature fading or surface damages. When you need vibrant and unique custom floors, you won’t find a better choice than metallic epoxy for your home.

Polished Concrete

While epoxy floors remain among the most durable and longest-lasting, not everyone enjoys their final appearance for their home surfaces. Instead, they may prefer something that looks a bit more natural or something that leaves less of a footprint behind.

Polished concrete flooring takes the top-most surface of your concrete slab and buffs it until its smooth, even, and shiny. Once completed, it will look like an entirely different material choice, only its the same quality system that was there.

We can also help you customize them further with different grits of sanding pads and color dye options as well. Whether you want to see shimmering high-gloss surfaces or a more matte finish for floors, we can offer them all.

We guarantee you’ll love how your new polished concrete flooring systems look and how they perform for years of daily use. See why more homeowners have already made the switch and call us today for your expertly polished concrete floors now.

Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete St Paul

It’s true that polished concrete looks lovely throughout all four seasons, but sometimes there aren’t enough color options to select from. As a result, you may want a flooring system that offers more choices for shades, patterns, and textures for cement.

Stained concrete builds off of the same method that we use in polishing floors, only with an advanced coating product. That way, you can enjoy more customizable features from your job, allowing you more creative freedom and innovation design options.

When you choose stained concrete for your home, it means also having the possibility of copying existing building materials also. Whether you had your eye on an expensive hardwood, tile, or even carpet, we can likely match them as well.

We can capture a virtually endless line of different appearances and faux materials, giving you full reign of floor designs. Save more on the lasting quality and look that you can enjoy from a new stained concrete flooring installation today.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete St Paul

While most of our services can benefit your home’s interior, what about your outdoor living spaces and their improvement needs? Decorative concrete systems perform like stained or polished cement floors, but they work outside as well as inside any house.

Although the results become different, the process remains more or less the same with smoothing down poured concrete and etching. Like stained concrete, we can mimic other exterior building materials as well, customizing your patios and driveways with ease.

Whether you need to enhance your house’s curb appeal or just want something more than rough gray concrete, choose us. We assist more area homeowners with making more beauty in their outdoor areas and interior living spaces every day.

Every homeowner needs to make changes to their property eventually. Make sure you give your home the best by hiring St Paul Epoxy Flooring re Surfacing contractors now.