Metallic Epoxy Systems are becoming a staple of modern design. There are many things to factor in your decision to install decorative metallic epoxy floors, such as where the floor is going to go. These floors should not be installed outdoors and if you are going to be in a very high traffic area with machinery, there are also better flooring options. But.. Decorative concrete is trending and it looks beautiful so we will go through all of the different options In this article.  There are many pros and cons of metallic epoxy floor installation.  

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Metallic Epoxy Benefits: Pros

Metallic epoxy floors are timeless and beautiful. The amount of variations you can do is insane. From different metallic color pigments to even adding glitter flakes. The floors are also very durable and can last for decades.

Cons to metallic epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy designs are not easy to do and some flooring contractors have opted away from them because they are difficult to replicate. These floors do not work well outdoors and also can not be applied in very low temperatures. The major pros of metallic epoxy is that they are beautiful and long lasting. As a con, they are extremely difficult to install.

How to choose your metallic epoxy floor

You can have multiple different colors in a metallic floor. Typically between 2 and 4 colors. However, you can add all types of things to these floors from fluorescent lights inside the floor to glitter flakes to enhance the metallic.

Metallic floor installation process

This metallic floor installation guide is complements of floorshields

Concrete Surface Prep

Prep is 80% of the job when it comes to installation so you have to have an experienced contractor. It is imperative to properly prepare the concrete surface. By profiling the concrete you are putting tiny ridges that allows the epoxy to “sink its teeth” into. This insures a good bond between the epoxy and the concrete surface. A good prep will make the end result relatively flawless. Keep in mind it is nearly impossible to get the floor 100% bump and debris free.

Moisture barrier before Applying the metallic epoxy

Epoxy coatings are not breathable, any dampness that can relocate up and through the surface can make the epoxy fizzle. The epoxy can knock, air pocket or strip. Dampness boundaries come in various plans on the number of pounds of hydrostatic weight they can withstand. Most are in the eight to ten pound go yet some publicize that they can withstand as much as 25 pounds. In the event that there is any uncertainty or worry of dampness in the solid it is prescribed to lead dampness readings in various zones of the solid.

Mixing the epoxy

Following the mixture ratios set by the manufacturer mechanically mix the resin with the hardener, typically part A and part B. Mix for two to three minutes being careful to avoid pulling air down into the mixture. Coat the floor using a squeegee. Wearing spiked shoes and using a 3/8” or mohair roller, back roll the entire surface to ensure even distribution of the product. This is the solid color base coat so it’s not imperative that it is perfect. If you don’t wear spiked shoes your treads will stick into the floor.

The ever important clear top coat

This is the final step in an epoxy floor and one of the most important. This seals the floor and makes it last and be extremely durable. Apply the clear coat only after the last coat has fully dried.

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Boom! A beautifully designed metallic epoxy floor

Your floor is now a work of art and one of a kind. You will be the envy of all of your neighbors. Don’t be afraid because our list looks complex. We install metallic epoxy floors every day and are happy to help you to make the perfect floor.