If I Have Stains, Does Polishing Remove Them?

Nearly every poured concrete surface is going to have at least some surface stains, usually mechanical fluids and automotive oils. While polishing these areas doesn't provide complete, deep stain removal, it can eliminate minor spots [...]

What Concrete Can You Polished?

Another great reason why more people are choosing polished concrete is that it can work virtually anywhere in your home. If the area already has poured cement, such as in your garage or your back [...]

Is All Cement Gray?

When a homeowner first hears about the possibility of polishing their boring gray cement, they may think it isn't true. They don't realize that we take your primary, dull surfaces, and breathe new life into [...]

Do I Need to Do a Lot of Upkeep?

One of the other primary reasons why more homeowners make the switch to polished concrete is how virtually maintenance-free it is. Other than frequent sweeping or dust mopping, your new cement floors require almost nothing [...]

What Causes Concrete Damage?

Even the most careful homeowner will eventually see their concrete surfaces show signs of aging and damage. The number one cement problem is cracks that reach down to the bottom of the foundation slab. Nearly [...]

What are the Benefits of Concrete Polishing?

Some people aren't aware of why they should choose concrete polishing, leaving them to think it's not worth the effort. However, they could not be more wrong about the lasting durability and beauty polished concrete [...]

What is the Lifespan of Polished Concrete?

Among the reasons driving more homeowners to discover the benefits of polished concrete flooring is how long these systems last. When you have an experienced installation contractor, like our team, they can last at least [...]

How Do You Polish Concrete?

Cement transforms into polished concrete when we grind down the upper layer and then smooth out the remaining surface areas. After grinding away your cement to an even, flat work area, we use chemical hardeners [...]

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